Lego StarWars

Lego Star Wars

I’m a big StarWars fan and one of crazy about These Lego Star Wars brick sets. StarWars theme is one of the most successful Brickset set lines Lego has ever made. Some of these bricksets cost over $5000 because these are not easy to find and consider as collector items. One good example is Ultimate Collectors edition Millenium Falcan which released to market in 2007 for $500 and now same set can priced for over $5000 if it’s a complete set in mint condition.

Some really cool new sets StarWars sets were released in this January (2014) too. There are around 12 Lego Microfighters and Many Mainstream Sets like Death Star Troopers, Kashyyyk Troopers etc. Also several mainstream Starfighters were released too.  Jedi Interceptor, V-Wing Starfighter and Droid Gunship are few interesting brick sets.

I want to list as many as StarWars bricksets I can find from everywhere. Specially those cool Youtube videos which show how some of these greats sets are building from scratch.